Acrylic painting by Veronica Ortega, titled Native Abundance. Pink prickly pear blossoms blooming from green edible cactus paddles found growing in the golden Inland Empire, Southern California, are embraced by blue flowing water streams as a prayer for rain during the 2022 drought. Artist: Veronica Ortega Instagram ArteByVeronica Titled Native abundanceDate Fall 2022acrylic paintingDrought tolerant desert plantsPaddle cactusPrickly pear blossoms Inland Empire

“Native Abundance,” by Veronica Ortega

Inlandia: Literary Journey
Fall 2022 Volume 13


Editor’s Letter

Cover Artist
Featured Artist


“Untitled,” by Veronica Ortega


David M. Alper, “Behind a Sigh”
Berniece Alspach, “But Now New”  “Preschool Zoom School”
Gretchen Bartels-Ray, “Eclipse”  “Hygiene Theater”
Dmitry Blizniuk, “The Bones of the Landscape,” translated by Sergey Gerasimov
David Carlson, “Woodworking”  “Harlequin Speaks”
N. T. Chambers, “900 Moons”  “Respite”
Douglas Colston, “A Yawning Gap (Hiātus); Or, Erroneous Culture”
Connie Jameson, “RED”
Alshaad Kara, “Featherstone”
Mark Kessinger, “Ken Holds Barbie”  “Forecast”  “a favorite knife, at least”  “Signal Core”  “consider the up”
Joan Koerper, “Joshua Trees in Lone Pine Canyon”  “The Queen of Soul Crosses over the Mountain”
BEE LB, “a catalogue of selves”
Mia Maisha, “Niggas on Campus”
Navilan, “Ergomaniac”  “Face / On”
S. J. Perry, “Inland Empire, August”  “Bird Man”  “After This She Moved to the City”
Tatiana Retivov, “Moribund”
Tim Riter, “A Man of His Times”  “Vine Ripened”
Patricia L. Scruggs, “I See the Ineffable”  “There’s Nothing to Say Except These Things I Love”  “13”  “Emptying the Crate”  “Trying to Write a Poem about Love”
Ruth Towne, “Sum”  “Parable at the Office”  “My Holy Poltergeist”  “Dishes by Hand, Sleight of Hand”  “A Question to the Tea Leaves”
Erika Travis, “before evening comes”  “After”  “Pentecost”
Sherre Vernon, “Before Combustion”  “Holiday Newsletter”  “Bedtime”


“Alviso Rd.,” by Veronica Ortega


Dave Gamboa, “The Girl in the Rain”
Kait Leonard, “Trashy Girl”
Tisha Marie Reichle-Aguilera, “We Watch”
Carol Willis, “Something Extraordinary”


“Self-Care,” by Veronica Ortega


Marc Frazier, “Prairie State”
Nikki Gordon, “Generation to Generation: Horror and Healing along the 10 Freeway”
Regan Kelso-Spells, “Carrying Mothers and Rainbows”
Kelly Shire, “Oak Glen”

Review Essay

Victoria Waddle,  “The Strata of Inlandia”



“Rosas en Color,” by Veronica Ortega


Kamelyta, “Stockholm’s Requiem”  “Fuck It”  “Dance Till We Die”
Serge Lecomte, “Dressed to Kill”  “Body versus Soul but Then There Is the other Side of the Mountain”
Veronica Ortega, Cover Artist, “Native Abundance”  “Untitled”  “Alviso Rd.”  “Chicana logo”  “Untitled”  “Untitled”  “Rosas en Color”  “Self-Care”
Donald Patten, “to feel”
Barbara Weightman, Featured Artist, “Colors in the Forest”  “Birch Trees in Idyllwild”  “Heliconia Orchid”  “Desert Daisy”  “June Lake”  “Spring in the Desert”  “Sunrise in Indian Wells”  “Wildflowers of Borrego”