Lauren Frame, "Turn on the Light," inspired by The Owl House. Digital illustration. On left, human-puppet figure dressed in jester outfit with golden metallic forearms and hands floating above a dark background with golden globes of various dimensions. Colors of purple, gold, brown, read, white.
“Turn on the Light,” inspired by The Owl House, by Lauren Frame

Inlandia: A Literary Journey
All TEEN Issue
Spring 2023 Volume 14

2023 Teen Editors
Editor’s Letter
Cover Artist

Maya Adenihun Dead Alive ◽ Draining Ritual
Angela Carreon Plucked 🔈
Audrey Coleman the underworld and earth are starting to look awfully similar
Shadow Coli Nana
Victoria Gransee Homeland ◽ Charles VII, Future King of France, 1440
Kasey Medina I Am “Sick Girl”
Stew Murray Wandering Hands ⚠️MA 🔈
Bibinaz Nami inhumans ◽ Ten-Thousand Hours Is Enough ◽ A Body Well Traveled
Jade Pretell Pantoum for a Plane Ride
Anna Schmeer The Bedtime Prayer of a Girl, Nineteen, at a Silent Altar ◽A Lover’s Last Embrace ◽ aphrodite returns to the sea
Amani Shroff Canard ◽ Three Dollars and Fifty Cents
Maddie Thompson I Believe in God Because I Was Punched in the Face ◽ “Where are you going?”
Lilly Toledo Nothing walks into the Everything bar ◽ Used matches still burn

Asma Abdela There is No Sound in Space
Bree Barela pyromaniac
Natalie Brooks Till Death Do Us Part
Ellaheh Gohari The Robot with Purple Hair
Alex Hallam Comparisons
Sam Heiden Bound to the Seeker
Michelle Park The Golden
Maddie Thompson The Candy Kingpin

Acadia Currah Cool Girl ⚠️MA
Jesse Robert Martinez New Beginnings ⚠️MA
Moses (“Miguel”) Ramirez Blame Myself for Their Sins 🔈
Maddie Thompson Never Stop Moving
Rain (Ashley) Vigil A New Beginning with Myself

Lauren Frame, Cover Artist Autumn Relaxation with Friends ◽ Cheetah, in watercolor ◽ doodle of a friend ◽ Golden Eagle, in watercolor ◽ lighting and rendering exercises ◽ Marital Lens, inspired by Pride and Prejudice ◽ Markhor, in watercolor ◽ Max Mayfield, from Stranger Things, pencil rendering ◽ Spring Anew ◽ The Hoshen Breastplate ◽ Turn on the Light, inspired by The Owl House ◽ Warmth in the Winter ◽ Xanadu, through Broadway experience
Yessenia Garcia The rawness of life ◽ Blinding
Madeline Phuong Narcissus in Bloom