N.T. Chambers


“Untitled,” by Veronica Ortega

900 Moons    

The accumulated knowledge
of wet from dry
high from low — is from isn’t
then from now — here from there —
all kept in neat little compartments
that tell me who I am… who I was
and who and what
I will never be… again.

It is an unfamiliar place —
short on smiles
accompanied by a nagging ache
to be new once more —
in a way not so much unfamiliar,
but more or less the same —
with different responses
to the unasked questions
living vicariously
in sleepless dreams that haunt
the days and ridicule
their successors relentlessly….

“How did this happen?”
one idly wonders
knowing full well
no answer will ever be good enough
no explanation thorough enough
no god-given dogma righteous enough
to quiet the tedious realization
or the resigned acceptance
of one’s inevitable,
patient oblivion
as it sardonically smiles
from the sidelines —
one eye on the clock,
watching and keeping score –
as if any of it…any of us…
meant anything — at all.

The universal comedy
recycles ad infinitum —
never skipping a beat —
while all the ripples ever made
ride their ever-widening circle
until they vanish without a trace —
like an early dawn raindrop
mistakenly falling in the desert
aching to change its destiny
but completing the trek
simply because it must.


The sun goes
down slowly
in these mountains —
seemingly reluctant
to leave behind
the worried darkness —
perhaps questioning
tomorrow’s whereabouts —
wondering if we’ll be
present to consume
the nuanced beauty
of the lushly
painted banquet
they offer as a
daily visual feast —
wellspring for the soul —
distant from all
the annoyances
of the world —
luring us forever
to this nourishing refuge

N. T. Chambers, former resident, teacher, and therapist of both La Jolla and the Ben Lomond area, currently lives and writes about the emotions, events, and experiences intrinsic to the human condition. The author’s works have been published in Inditer, Grassroots, In Parentheses, You Might Need to Hear This, Nine Cloud, The Elevation Room, Wingless Dreamer, Months to Years, W.E.I.R.D., New Note Poetry, Bright Flash Literary Review, and Quibble Magazine.