Barbara Weightman

Featured Artist

Colors in the Forest

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Titled Colors in the Forest
An acrylic painting, with a tree as the center piece. Alongside a multiple color palette,
mixing cold and warm tones like orange, blue, grenn, red, yellow, purple. Creating amazing
contrast in the piece.


Birch Trees in Idyllwild

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Titled Birch Trees in Idyllwild
An acrylic painting showing trees in a forest, with a warm color palette like orange, yellow
and red. White trees contrasting with the background. Gives this warm and fall feeling to
the piece.


Heliconia Orchid

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Tittled Heliconia Orchid
Orchids with a vibrant color, orange and yellow also with a touch of light green in the
end that stand out thanks to the black background that accompanies the piece.


Desert Daisy

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Tittled Desert Daisy
A beautiful painting of a daisy flower that also highlights its yellow and green colors
thanks to the black background.


June Lake

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Tittled June Lake
A beautiful representation of June Lake. With a beautiful palette that highlights its
natural colors in sunlight. A vibrant green for the mountains and trees and blues and
purples for the sky and also used to create shadows.


Spring in the Desert

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Tittled Spring in the Desert
A desert in spring. The aridity of the desert is shown in the yellow of the ground but
the vibrant spring is shown in the beautiful pink and purple flowers and the green trees
and a vibrant blue accompanied in the sky.


Sunrise in Indian Wells

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Tittled Sunrise in Indian Wells
A beautiful sunset represented in this acrylic painting. A sky full of a contrast between cold
and warm tones. Like blue and purple, with yellow and orange.
In addition to the black shadows of palm trees and mountains.


Wildflowers of Borrego

Artist: Barbara Weightman
Tittled Wildflowers of Borrego
An acrylic painting of cold tones, showing the immensity of the mountains in blue and
beautiful pink and purple flowers growing on the ground.

A native of Montreal, Canada, Barbara Weightman now lives in Indian Wells, California. For 15 years, she specialized in botanical watercolors. Now she enjoys painting with oils, acrylic, and mixed media. Her botanical work was exhibited for twelve years at the juried Philadelphia Flower Show and various galleries in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area, where Weightman resided for 17 years. In Southern California, she has exhibited her oil paintings “Yucca Plant” and “Sunrise in Indian Wells” at UC Riverside, Palm Desert, and received a first-place ribbon for her botanical watercolor “Phalaenopsis Orchid” at the Riverside County Fair. See more of Weightman’s work at

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