Table of Contents

Connecting Hope by Danielle Sung


Letter from the Editor


Marissa Alvarez: Father Mourning

Martin Cossio: George Floyd Protest, San Bernardino, CA, May 31, 2020

Mia Amore Del Bando: Unravel

Nicole Farmer: White man in a big black pickup truck

Gabriela Halas: One and Make real

Virginia Laurie: The last good egg

Lenny Lianne: Standing Outside I Remember a Line from Charles Wright and A Winter Prayer from the Desert

Eugene Platt: Sunset Concert; Weaned on War; The Good Vet

Jordan Rodriguez: Become River

Corinna Schulenburg: Basket; pretty sure amb told me selfies are self-care; and Too Much of Water

Rolland Vasin: Workman Orchard Tract: My Only Home


Katie Blandford-Levy: Wellbeing

Benjamin Clabault: Counting Chickens

Jennifer Ferderer: Fat

Randy Quiroz: Success & Happiness

Pranaya Rana: What the water takes, sometimes it gives back

Don Stoll: The Lonely Maiden


Don Noel: A Lesson in Dunes

Sherry Shahan: Little House in the Redwoods

Inland Books and Presses

Victoria Waddle: Literary ‘Shop Local’–Regional Authors and Presses


Cindy Bousquet Harris: Inland Skies

Kate Choi: Father Sleeping

Laura DeKloe: Sketch for David

Aleta Jacobson: Featured Artist

Ellie Ko: Grandmother

Linda Rhoades: Inland Avenues

Alexandra Rigores: Overthinker Night; Cinema and the City

Sherry Shahan: Hanging Out; Shh-Collage; and Bodie Window

Danielle Sung: The Breakthrough; Connecting Hope

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