Mia Amore Del Bando


Hanging Out by Sherry Shahan

He’s unraveling
The thread thick, caught in between my fingers
Braid him within me, fragile dream catcher
Housing inside my chest

Counting the ribs poking out of his skin
Skeleton Man woven with promises
I pocket every drunk compliment
Pour his glass full because
Just maybe
He’ll whisper it again

Serotonin spike
Through my skull
Eyes brimming with excitement
Dripping from glossy lips
His hands molding my hips
I want to surrender to every vision he has
Hinged onto the frame of his life

Exhausted woman
Keeping up to a fleeing man
Abandoned souls need shelter too
Folding myself small
He can hold in his palms

My power cut and rolled thin
Wrapped up
Most precious gift
Hand over, bow down
I am becoming

Unraveled woman

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