Table of Contents

Chris Reloaded by Chris Grimstad

Masthead: Teen Guest Editors

Letter from the Editor


Melekwe Anthony: I Am

Andrew Ban: Joonhoo

Evan Cameron Sheppard: Mama

Jocelyn Chen: Red is a Lucky Color and Backyard Birds

Kayley Chun: Did you know, Sol?

Jia Dunsby: Hope

Hyla Etame: Heaven on Earth

Lily Garcia: A Desert Dweller’s Reverie

Avery Garcia: Nisus and Pain

Johnathan Ghazal: The Pabulum Paddler

Nic Kawecki: Miles to Go

Emily Khym: What it takes to make nature cry and Here in the Blue Pond

Sigrid Kim: This Play

Kathleen Langston: Parasitoidism Alone, Summer Entropy, and Jellyfish Bloom 

Karen Lee: Between the Chairs

Lauren Lee: Winds Take the Green

Riley McFarlane-Cobb: A Statue Sits by the Sea and A Painted Sea

Suroshri Paul: Agony, can you wait?

Abigail Pellitteri: To be a Woman

Isabelle Pinto: Shielded (sheltered)

Jessica Redington: The Breathing Canvas

Andrew Sanford: Growing Old

Ajay Sawant: Bees Bumblebees Honeybees and In Diversity We Are Seen

Sadhvi Swaminathan: Music

Bridget Van Houtem: You Can Never be Replaced

Emily Wang: Flight

Chelsea Younglove: Quetzal

Kanghui Zhang: Afterlife

Adam Zhou: Chekhov’s Gun in Hiatus, Elegy for ______, Unfinished Song, Untitled, 2020, Oil on Canvas, The Place Where the Knife Hit


Skye Bellingham-LePage: The Healer

Su Ertekin-Taner: Game On

Katie Flack: blood’s toll

Kim Giang: Bitter

Ellaheh Gohari: The Ghost of St. Augustine

Jaden Goldfain: Night Falling

Nic Kawecki: Fear

Jenna Lane: Mind vs. Room

Jacob Nef: Flipped

Constantina Pappas: On the Road Once More

Shriya Roy: My Reflection

Bianca Singelstad: Noose’s Eye

Derek Weinstock: Fire Months


Jean Rachel Bahk: The History of the Dog-Eating Stereotype

Nicole Bian: A Measure of Soul

Wendy Cuevas: Legal Alien

Lily Ellman: The Great Mitzvah

Avery Garcia: The Barbershop

Chris Grimstad: Voice=Medium

Lauren Hoy: The Qualms of Losing Sight of the Stars

Sidney Muntean: The White Rabbit

Zahra Taylor: Poppy

Emily Welborne: Living with a Curve

Steven Yeh: The Music of Weather

Kanghui Zhang: A Child’s Story


Chris Grimstad: Resurrection, Chris Reloaded and Forbidden Fruit

Nic Kawecki: Summer, Captured Moment, Intricacy, and Sky Above the San Gabriel Foothills

Amber McNeill: The Art that Flows

Adrienne Mueller: Dinolandia: Clay Minis

Emily Wang: Escape

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