Table of Contents

Mission Inn by Jeremiah Gilbert


Letter from the Editor


Matthew Babcock: November Etude

Ani Bachan: I Love You From a Moving Car

Jill Bronfman: Backpacking and Fire on the Moon

David Carlson: The Necessary Light and Still Life with Pear

S. M. Ellis: Between the Shooters and Us

edward ferrari: Olive Avenue and Damage

Matthew Friday: Whale Rock

Rich Glinnen: Dealing and Morning Meditation

Tim Hatch: PCH Sunset (New Years Day, 2016)

Tom Laichas: Mono Lake and China Lake

Sharon Lin: Left Behind

D.S. Maolalai: Around us, life and Do you know anyone who wants to make some money?

Jessica Mehta: Ashiatsu in the Bedroom

Rachel Anna Neff: The Reason I Don’t Keep Whiskey in the House

Ayesha Raees: Medea

Jeff Schiff: Doing Laundry in North Africa and In a Pinch

Patricia L. Scruggs: Boom! Roman Candle Boom! Fish Boom! Dahlia Boom! Boom! Boom!; Postcard; This One Life; and Thread

John Sierpinski: Broken


Joel Fishbane: kittens

Rebecca River Forbes: Judge Judy & Executioner

Eric Hall: Mickey Mice

Sergio Hartshorne: The Great Wendigo Hunt

Devan Hawkins: The Hammer

Terri Leonard: Smoke

David McVey: Who Do You Think You Are?

Randy Quiroz: The Burden and the Blessing

Carlos Ramet: Quartz Cut

Kristen Shea: Starless

J. T. Townley: Agent Orange


Eryn Hiscock: Peephole

Caroline Mays: All-Mart, California

Jamie Naqvi: An Interview with Jake Anderson

Sherry Shahan: Dancing on the Roof of a Fleabag Motel

Alyson Shelton: Not Fine, Never Fine

Tom Wade: Delusions of Innocence

Ellyn Wolfe: Ten Years


Gregory Antollino: Dusk — Madagascar; Dîner à la Fenêtre, Lyons; Cani Curiosi

Guilherme Bergamini: Untitled

Jeremiah Gilbert: Mission Inn; Redlands Bowl; Cherry Valley; and Tio’s Tacos

Caroline Knickmeier: You and Me and You and Me and the Sunflower

James Latimer: Little Snow

Timothy F. Phillips: When Birds Fly; Twilight Retreat; Key Lime Estates

Seigar: Tales of Lanzarote, looking for the light (Selected and edited during the confinement): One

Sherry Shahan: County Fair and Disneyland

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