Spring 2022 Volume XIII – Fifth Annual All-Teen Issue

Table of Contents

Teen Issue Guest Editors

Collage of woman with hand-drawn tears wearing hand-colored blue outfit layered over newspaper clippings.
“Going Through It All” by Lauren Cruz de Armas


Maya Adenihun
Mikah Carson
Brad Croft
Avery Garcia
Lauren Hoy
Nic Kawecki
Syed Khaled
Alessandra Pimentel
Jade Pretell
Ash Romero
Nayab Sanchez
Sophia Sohn
Sadhvi Swaminathan
Emily Wang
Chase White
Katie Xin
Kanghui Zhang

Painting of green and yellow cactus featuring pink and red bloom.
“Cactus Flower” by Natalie Kwan


Nicole Bian
Sean Clenista
Aryan Gupta
Briseida Lopez Soriano

Book Review

Eric Song

Blue-colored masked face with eyes looking to the side at orange, green, and purple glittery butterflies.
“Self Portrait” by Alexis Choi


Julianna Ceddia
Avery Garcia
Nic Kawecki
Madison Kohltfarber
Alessandra Pimentel
Nayab Sanchez
Sophia Sohn
Emily Wang
Kanghui Zhang

Gold and blue wings bubble up from an open box on a dark background.
“Pandora’s Box Reopened” by Sean Kang


Nicole Bian
Hyunwoo Cho
Alexis Choi
Kate Choi
Lauren Cruz De Armas
Lorelai Gango
Sean Kang
Natalie Kwon
Ryan Seo

Drawing of face partially obscured by hair that appears in ripped oval of sepia-toned paper.
“Revolution” by Ryan Seo

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