Connie Jameson

“Dressed to Kill,” by Serge Lecomte


I am RED
Bold and brazen
Fiery, forceful, fearless
I shout “Stop!
I’ve arrived! I’m here! Notice me!”

As a primary color
I’m basic, honest, unchanging
That’s not so for Blue, another primary color
No, he’s not “true blue” as they say
He’s baby blue, sky blue, periwinkle blue, royal blue, navy blue . . .
I, on the other hand, am just RED!

I shout Warning! Danger!
Fire engines
Traffic lights
Hot coals

I attract, entice
Young man to sports car
Bull to matador’s cape
Hummingbird to flower
Guys to red dress, red lips, red nails beckoning
(It is, after all, called the Red Light District.)

Easy to notice, hard to forget
I am RED!

Connie Jameson, a retired teacher, enjoys reading, writing, travel, nature, theater, and antiques. She has published her first book, Dating ‘n’ Mating: Wit and Wisdom on Love and Marriage, and is working on several children’s picture book manuscripts.