Yessenia Garcia

Yessenia Garcia, "The rawness of life." Pen and pencil on paper. In foreground, a partial figure lying down in a doorway, staring up at a man in a peasant shirt, framed in the doorway, kneeling over a partially clothed woman. Colors of black, gray, and white.
“The rawness of life”
Yessenia Garcia, "Blinding." Digital illustration. Female figure from the waist up wearing a cropped tank top, holding a gray book labeled "Educa...," with spiral eyeglasses and a hamburger with lettuce atop her head. Colors of black, pink, mauve, gray, brown, and green.

Yessenia Garcia is a junior at Moreno Valley High School in inland Southern California, currently enrolled in the middle program that is self-taught in art and also is majoring in engineering. Garcia takes an interest in all things related to art such as creating music, writing, playing instruments, and coding.