Shadow Coli

"Marital Lens," inspired by Pride and Prejudice, by Lauren Frame. Oil on canvas. Female figure in wedding dress holding a book, looking into a wall hanging of an oval frame at a male head and shoulder in military uniform. Below the frame is a table with flowers in vase and two dolls. In the background, a chest and rectangular frames. Colors of white, tan, black, green, blue, red, pink, green, brown.
“Marital Lens,” inspired by Pride and Prejudice, by Lauren Frame


Long gray braided hair
tan skin from being outside all the time
wrinkles decorate her face
tiny scratches and cuts on her hands
all those cuts from taking care of her farm

Waking up before the sun can shine
unlocking her front gate for her grandkids
getting food ready for her animals
rinsing all the buckets
making breakfast, huevos hamon y tortillas

She waits and listens, hearing the kids scream
sand and rocks grinding on shoes
her grandkids go inside her kitchen
she smiles as brightly as the sun
hugging and kissing her grandkids
handing them plates of food sitting and eating together

Once the sun starts going down
she makes dinner
enough to feed the whole street
perfect amount for her family
her kids arrive with her grandkids
To others, it looks like complete chaos
to her, she sees an ordered line
all working together
her putting food on plates
parents grabbing tables and chairs
teens grabbing hot plates of food,
setting them down at tables
children grabbing cups and bottles of soda
and handing cups out
all talking and eating as kids run around playing

Once it’s dark and mosquitoes come out
they know it’s time to go
everyone says goodbye and leaves

She locks up, showers, gets ready for bed
braids her hair and prays before sleep takes over
waiting for the next day to start all over again

Shadow Coli is a senior at Edward L. Wenzlaff Education Center. They like to draw, sing, and spend time with their pets in their free time. She wishes to have a successful dog training company in the future.