Maya Adenihun

Dead Alive

Draining Ritual

She is by the cherry blossom tree      trading her teeth for flowers
encouraging me         with a pink smile    to devour.
I used my          fingers                   to tame myself
into           the best rest                I’ve ever had,

by letting my stomach      flow      into frowning grass
to make a pact.     My body was too          bloody and full
 for her      to consume          whole.

 with her         I can remember spring       as rain drizzling            flowers blooming
          instead                                              of throat tightening      feet levitating.

Maya Adenihun is a senior in high school who uses her sensitivity and intense imagination to express her ideas into the expansive form of poetry. When she is not writing poetry, Adenihun can be found reading, writing short stories, songs, and vignettes, drawing, finding new music, and exploring her never-ending list of deep interests. In the future she hopes that even more of her writing can be published.