Lauren Frame

Top left to lower right: “Autumn Relaxation with Friends”; “Cheetah,” in watercolor; doodle of a friend; “Golden Eagle,” in watercolor; lighting and rendering exercises; “Marital Lens,” inspired by Pride and Prejudice; “Markhor,” in watercolor; “Max Mayfield,” from Stranger Things, pencil rendering; “Spring Anew”; “The Hoshen Breastplate”; “Turn on the Light,” inspired by The Owl House; “Warmth in the Winter”; “Xanadu,” through Broadway experience

Cover Artist Lauren Frame, age fifteen, is an aspiring animator who also enjoys practicing the violin and playing tennis with her team. She dreams of sketching for a world-renowned studio in the future by soaring through credited art programs in college. Her perseverance aids her in this journey as she makes her way through high school life, gaining knowledge for the path ahead.