Angela Carreon

"Cheetah," by Lauren Frame. Watercolor and pencil on paper. Full face and neck of spotted cheetah. Colors of gold, yellow, black, brown, white.
“Cheetah,” in watercolor, by Lauren Frame


She felt comfortable
In the grass carpet
Roots tangled
And buried

Being grounded
Was her favorite thing
She never wanted
to be plucked

Yet she rose
While her petals fell
With her thorns
Eating away at my hands

I took
She fought
I plucked
And she rot
Wilting with love me’s
And love me not’s

Yet it was all
For naught
For she did not
love me

She loved the ground
Her thirst
And richness
Of her velvety petals

But now
She is gone
Dead and all
Yet still
As beautiful
As the day
I plucked her

She writes mainly poetry that hold themes of love. However, Angela Carreon tries to explore other topics if enough inspiration hits her. The expression through poetry is very freeing, and she hopes through every poem she writes that she can only get better and find something new about herself.