Sophia Sohn


never-coming-back melodies
and wistful dreams
sing their way through the waves
your heart lost forever
under the sea 

memories in clear blue
and wet, sandy toes
enchant your magical song
that follows the
loud, crashing waves
with magnetic force 

lover at the shore
alone and lost
keep dreaming and you will realize
maybe those are
tears from Atlantis
in your hair 

Don’t cry, Papa 

It’s not goodbye
For we have many more years to come
It’s simply letting go of my grasp
And letting me move to another
But I’ll hold onto your hand
For now, we can dance
To our song that is dedicated to us 

Don’t cry, Papa
I hear our song on the speaker
Playing loud and beautiful
The piano vibrant
And the bass deep
la la la la la,
The keys sings
As our feet move in sync 

Don’t cry, Papa
As you clink your spoon against your glass
clink clink clink
To my daughter, you say with tears in your eyes
And my new son
It’s not forever, Papa
I’ll come home,
I promise 

Don’t cry, Papa
As you hold her in your arms,
Cradling the child
And hushing softly
Sweat and tears coat the room,
But I swear
I can see
Your love 

Don’t cry, Papa
It’s what you always wanted
Family and friends are near,
We are together,
One people,
At last

Don’t cry, Papa
Your smile lights up the room
Everybody gravitate towards your
Laugh and comfort,
Your love
I can finally see
What you saw, a long time ago
A vision for the future, joyous and loved 

Tell me not to cry, Papa
Without you here,
It’s difficult to
I miss your voice,
Your laugh,
The way you always taught me to be strong
I’ll hold your words in my heart
And cherish them, keeping them close 

How do I not cry, Papa?
It’s been long since I’ve heard your deep baritone,
The humming of the tune,
The clink of a glass
Every day I remember you
And every morning I promise to laugh
It’s not enough for forever,
But I know it’s not goodbye 

Sophia Sohn is a high school journalist and aspiring writer. She is a word addict who’s attracted to sugary coffee drinks and books with serious letters on the cover. She has finished the first draft of her historical romance novel, The Poison Touch, and is currently working on a fictional biography of Adrienne de La Fayette.