Mikah Carson

I Am the Noose

I am the noose
But first I was a rope
Strong, unbreakable, trustworthy
I was a hunter, a carrier
A lifter, a climber
Binding individuals together
A symbol of unity between hearts and hands

Now I am the noose
Strong, unbreakable, dangerous
I am a hunter of hope, a carrier of fear
A descending darkness, a climbing terror
Tearing life from lungs
A symbol of irreversible damage

What went wrong?
One simple seemingly harmless knot
No longer do I bind people together
My newfound purpose is to tear them apart
Because you fear what they could possibly be
You fear that they will only grow worse
That they will hurt more people
Why don’t you hand them a rope, a spark, a helping hand?
See how they can grow stronger in unity


I gaze through the window
At the hazy pink glow
Another day has come and gone
Where has all the time flown?

The sun sets red on me
And I’m powerless to stop it
Cause time must go on
It goes on

But then I wake to the soft light
My dreams must take flight
God has given me
A chance to rewrite reality

The sun rises for me
And I’m ready to stand
Cause time must go on
It goes on

Mikah Carson is a former editor of The Day Creek Howl, a nine-year soccer player, and a pianist from age five. She has a strong passion for writing and loves English. She also participates in the advanced treble choir at her high school. Mikah loves Jesus, reading, and hanging out with her friends and family. She is excited to see where life leads her in these coming years!