Emily Wang

Becoming Empty!

Make that incision
Cut real-deep

We need to remove the bad-bad inside
Those bad-bad feelings
Those no-no thoughts
Get them out!
We need that “healing”
Turn skin into peeling
With it? Yeah.
Cut it OUT.

So once you’ve hit that bad-bad core
CUT the thick juicy veins
That pump no-no thoughts
Into that hungry ‘lil beast
And in a final act of bad-bad-badness
Tear it out.
You’re a dark-dark hole with no bad-bad.

Now a muggy grayness
Lacking that hem-o-glo-bin.
Float along
Like a paper vessel
Getting soggy
On the bottom
Sinking in pools of off-white:

Only a stench
Anchors you
To the world.

Emily Wang is a high school junior who prides herself on bad jokes and worse music taste. She aspires to be a medical professional, tackling both biological and societal issues in medicine. When not conducting war against a homework onslaught, she is running her school’s Key Club and volunteering with the Red Cross. In her free time, she loves hanging with her besties, reading in bed with tea, and exploring herself through creative writing.