Chase White

Light is here, “All the Light We Cannot See”

Light is here
We can sense the light
Even if it cannot be seen
We can interact in the light
Even if we don’t know what it is

Light is here
As bright as the moon
As elegant as the sun
As beautiful as the night sky
As graceful as the dancing stars

Light is here
It dances with the formation of planes
It flows with tons dropped
It erupts like the sun
It shatters into new patterns

Light is here
It follows the metal beasts
It touches the scared men
It searches for the weak
We are forced to join the light

Light is here
It cannot be denied anymore
You cannot hide anymore
The Light will find you
We are forced to join the light

Note from the poet: If my poem doesn’t make sense, or if you haven’t understood the deeper meaning, just replace the word “light” with “war” and read the poem again. 

Chase White is currently in his senior year of high school at Los Osos High. He’s hoping to pursue his dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and studying at Cal Poly Pomona. For now, though, he pushes himself to ace the remainder of his senior year and keep a sharp mind to his future career.