Brad Croft


I’m in an empty hotel room
The walls are empty and get shorter by the day
The windows are bare and white on the other side
The door is unlocked
A blackbird’s the only thing I see out the window
The blackbird says there’s nothing out there
I locked the window
The one TV on the wall says there’s a disease
Blackbird says it’ll rot my lungs and travels fast
He shouts if I cough
If I cough I’ll die
Blackbird says paranoia keeps me safe
The bell hopper opens the door out of nowhere
The bell hopper coughs and blackbird screams
He says I need to pay to stay
I push him out and lock the door
I ignore the banging and watch the TV
The disease is spreading fast
Blackbird says I have no future
Bell Hopper knocks and asks to hang out
I ignore the knocking
Blackbird smiles
The bell hopper says I have no future in here
The bell hopper says I need to go out and eat
Blackbird says paranoia keeps me safe
I’m safe and Blackbird gave me a pill to sleep
Bell Hopper says it’s been a year
It can’t be a year
It’s the future and I’m losing time
Blackbird says I’m safe
I’m safe but I’m running outta time
I step out the door and Blackbird screams
Bell Hopper shook my hand
I coughed and closed the door
Blackbird’s screams stopped and I walked into the light

Brad Croft is a 16-year-old writer from California. He loves exploring his mind and asking questions about the world.