Alessandra Pimentel

Is This Magic? 

Gently I press your keys to play a soothing sound
Releasing the rhythm I ache for each moment
Humming the tunes that dance in the air
Releasing my own self to let you see my deepest secrets
Is this magic?
I flip your pages, intaking each page as my own life
Fantasizing a life where I live inside your wonderful world
Where I shall stop flipping through the story but instead write my own
You become my haven, my refuge, where only I could ever go to
Could this be magic?
You bring me pain as my fingers drop the pen
Held so tightly between my fingers, for I fear you’ll reveal me
But this pain is so loving & unprejudiced
For I know my true self will always be hidden solemnly with you
My hands are stained with ink
The ink that doesn’t estimate me & the paper that hearkens
Is this magic?
Yet when you’re stuck in reality
Magic ceases to exist
Your mind yearns for it to be true
That somewhere in this wretched world
There’s hope in the happiness you find
Because how could such star-striking emotions occur?
How could I ever be sincerely happy?
Perhaps it is magic.

Alessandra Pimentel is a fourteen-year-old who’s always been passionate about literature. As a child she checked out books from the libraries at school and even won an award for reading the most books. She discovered poetry in the sixth grade after creating a poem for a contest in her English class, which was published in the book Illustrious. She pursues writing as a hobby.