Nic Kawecki

Miles to Go

Miles and miles and miles to go
But the woods aren’t lovely, dark or deep
They are burning away as we sleep
And how many miles must I go
Before I find my blood in the snow?

And to which sin should I keep?
As heaven’s way is barred from me
Should I decay in Sloth’s slumber?
Eyes turned down from our screaming

Should I rot in pointless Wrath?
Writhing and screaming in their past
But my voice is silent in their ears—
I’m only a toy, nothing to hear

I must not be consumed in their Lust—
The greed in which so many trust
And yet their hands crawl up my spine,
Everyday, another lie

Here I stand at the edge of the woods
Burning, burning and they deem it “Good.”
Must my flames at the stake be measured?
Only for their sinful pleasure?

But tell me, Heart,
Where else can I go?
Already I see
My blood in the snow.

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