Melekwe Anthony

Devil in the Details

I Am

Yes, I am the savage forest of ideas
Tangling, sprouting all the while calling for spotlight.
The sun is my poison but I like the way he feels on me.
I blossom when he calls and I drop in his absence.

I am that shadow of shadows whom shadows fear.
The dark thoughts that caress the living and consume the masters.
I am not the devil but evil is my game.
Have you not heard of Madness?

I am Madness,
I am that voice seasoned with brutal drum beats
The raking of skulls questioning my command.
I am the idea of change that comes suddenly, the sting
of scorpions

But I am not an idea
I am the version of hidden languages and bloody mystery
I am the spark of Frankenstein and Caesar’s caution.

The more you look, the less you see.

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