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Victoria Waddle, Managing Editor

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran, Teen Editor-in-Chief

Teen Guest Editors, Spring 2021

Japman Kaur Aneja is a fifteen-year-old high school student in India. With a passion for the English language, she has served as Poetry Literary Apprentice at Break Bread Magazine and poetry staff reader at the Maine Review Magazine. A fan of metaphorical and descriptive writing, she believes that literature is the base of the human spirit which thrives within us. Her greatest zeal is towards reading literary work by people from diverse backgrounds.

Nimrat Kaur Chahal is an eleventh (now twelfth) grade student at Welham Girls’ School, India. She has been reading and writing poetry since the age of eight, after coming across the marvelous world of Roald Dahl. She currently co-heads the Poetry Appreciation Society of her school, and in her free time, watches Buzzfeed Unsolved and learns piano covers.

Erika Jing is a student, writer, and poet from New Jersey working on becoming a polyglot. Her poetry has appeared in Eunoia Reviews.

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran is a nineteen-year-old first-generation Hispanic college student attending the University of California, Riverside. She is pursuing a B.S. in Microbiology and aspires to become a parasitology researcher. Some of her hobbies include reading YA fantasy, writing poetry, gardening, making jewelry, and listening to punk rock music. Through Appelley Publishing and the Inlandia Institute, she has published poems to promote creativity and healthy self-expression among teens.

Sara Medwin is a student at Poolesville High School. She has contributed to the nonprofit news source, Maryland Matters, but is a poet at heart. In her free time, she loves taking extremely long walks and listening to true crime podcasts.

Hannah Morris-Voth has cultivated an interest in prose and poetry, alongside her studies in chemical engineering. Her defining literary characteristic is a longing for innocence and simplicity, a theme presented in her work and approach to life. She is presently an editor with the Aster Review and a writer for Chasing Shadows Magazine, and is currently working on her first poetry pamphlet.

Mrudhula is an emerging writer and a high school student from India. She absolutely adores reading, and she’s bilingual. She loves writing, and you can find her at

Suroshri Paul is an undergraduate student of Presidency University’s B.A. (honors) English program. She was a nominee for two consecutive years of Storymirror’s ‘Author of The Year Award’ (2018 & 2019). She has published in The International Kolkata Book Fair (2020) and has other forthcoming works. She is currently based in West Bengal, India.

Shriya Roy is a thirteen-year-old writer/composer from California. Her work has appeared in literary journals Stone Soup, Cholla Needles, and Howl. Additionally, she is passionate about music, with training in piano and violin, even reaching the California state level in the PTA Reflections competition for music composition. She was formerly the president of her school student council and received the 2019 “Hope of America” scholarship from the Kiwanis Foundation. She loves reading and the escape it offers.

Ajay Sawant is a student and artist from Pune of Maharashtra, India. He is a medical student simultaneously pursuing B.A (honors) in English at IGNOU. He is the editorial director at Globalage Poetry. He is an art activist and public speaker. His poems appear in Detester Magazine, Vayavya, America’s Art & Understanding Magazine and forthcoming in Xavier Review. Ajay can be reached on Twitter at

Dia Shah is merely a middle school student. As the writer of a blog, a Wattpad story, and someone in the process of writing a novel, she has developed a need, a desperation for writing. From birth in the heart of New York to living a young life in South Carolina, she has relied on revealing herself through the free yet careful art of writing. In her free time that is not spent writing, you can catch her dancing to the beautiful beats of music or reading; capturing new experiences; and being reborn in her own mind.

Celia Shinn is a Seattle area native who loves all things reading, writing, and music. She is previously unpublished and has received a regional award from the Scholastic Art and Writing competition in short story writing. Now a high school senior, she plans to continue her studies of literature next year at Bard College as well as for the rest of her life.

Bianca Singelstad is a seventeen-year-old high school senior from Lake Mills, Iowa. She is passionate about children’s ministry, as well as dance, cheerleading, and spending time with her close friends and family. Previously her work has been published through Indolent Books, For Women Who Roar, Encore Prize Poems 2020, and is upcoming in Hip Circle Empowerment Center. Bianca has also worked as a volunteer guest editor for Inlandia.

Yvanna Vien Tica is a hearing-impaired Filipina writer who grew up in Manila and in a suburb near Chicago. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Filipino-American Chicago newspaper MEGAscene, EX/POST Magazine, DIALOGIST, and Hobart, among others. She is the editor-in-chief of the Faith Review and a senior editor for Polyphony Lit. In her spare time, she can be found enjoying nature and thanking God for another day.

Emily Velarde is just like any other sixteen-year old that loves to take in stories. They read many books; her favorite genres would be sci-fi and dystopian. They also enjoy movies and cartoons with diverse plots. After awhile, she found herself thinking of her own plots and how she would write these characters that have been created in her mind. With writing, her creativeness is explored to the extreme. Writing has no limitations, and she has fully taken advantage of that.

Marlowe Whittenberg is a seventh grade student who hopes to be a botanist someday. In the meantime, he enjoys playing soccer and creating art.

Cati Porter, Founding Editor

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