Karen Lee

Dino Keychain by Adrienne Mueller

Between the Chairs

The small gap between school chairs
Is large enough to lose anything
And when you look under,
You can find all sorts of things

A pencil or two that no one uses
Some coins that slipped out of your wallet
Pieces of paper from all sorts of classes
Or even the ring that you cried about losing

It could be a quick note you had scribbled
Reminding you of a task
It may have been an entire notebook
That had all your notes and schedules written down

Let’s hope that it wasn’t something important
Like your phone or your iPad
And surely not the whole book
That has the task you were asked to do

Whatever object it was,
one thing is certain
That you forgot about it as soon as
it fell between the chairs

Clay Minis by Adrienne Mueller

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