Johnathan Ghazal

Shooting a scene from the Vikings series in Glendalough (Ireland)

The Pabulum Paddler

We sit on the boat lost and astray,
Waiting for the wind to come someday.
No wind in sight from mile to mile,
So we will paddle for our trip worthwhile.

I climb the mast to make a sighting
While the men aboard begin fighting.
I work on this ship, but write as well
When no one is watching, the secrets they tell.

There’s money to gain and deals to make,
As this ship is sailing from ocean to lake.
Trading, buying goods to sell,
But mine are secrets I cannot tell.

I am a philosopher, you see,
Climbing aboard this catastrophe,
Of pirates, businessmen, greedy, and rich,
Coming to markets to sell their pitch.

These evil men trick people for gold,
And this is something I must unfold.
As I paddle, scrub, and mop the deck,
I listen to stories, they’d never suspect.

Free is the word that brought me onboard
While gathering secrets for me to hoard.
At the next stop I plan to depart,
With my speech ready, this is the start.

As I walk off the ship, their eyes come to stare,
At the man with little clothes and feet that are bare.
I stand on a box in the middle of town,
Exposing their piracy, now renown.

The town I warned thanks me with glee,
They imprison the pirates immediately.

I store my new wealth in an undisclosed den,
And find a new ship of acquisitive men.

This is the secret of the pabulum paddler.

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