Ajay Sawant

Bees Bumblebees Honeybees


On my field notes
and the buttercup by the fence of dirt road
in hurry to the orchid stadium I
learnt about beesbees   —  bumblebees  —  honeybees
just peculiar to orchid wasps
narrow slender furry parts of flip flops
like the midway bathroom in night bulb

Ootidia, metathorax, mandibles
safe unencounters and easy trespasses
a vision, textile and mosaic design
Downy lobes, sanitary wax keepers


Retiring from the seat
the queen said she dreamt a kingdom without a princess, believers come
                and others remain
just the old pheromones replaced with finer
a toy is a weapon in wrong hands
the dream turned to a rose butt

Somedays I will like to spend days in buttercups
with harmless butterflies
without encounters of nasty wasps
I will like to become folks to the honeybees
than become a cattle to
get back to you

In Diversity, We Are Seen

When the need—
a scarlet head or a cherry plunged in milk
the nursery is all roses, a rosette much
deficient; without the others
look, then nothing will be significant
without patches and daisies

or everything will fall apart
without braided grass and tiny white flowers
a word of mouth
or a statement I know, this isn’t
a dowry or bribe

you will look beautiful, not alone
not in one shade
we are beautiful when we are the garden
with roses, patches, daisies and
                                                 lemongrass too

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